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Group Chat in Messages

Anonymous 2 years ago in Accounts / Messages • updated by Ashley Richards 6 months ago 17 4 duplicates


Completed. Next Release

Completed. Coming in v4.5.

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Planned for possibly v4.3 otherwise will be in a v5.x update.

Follow https://trello.com/c/hmFj12Fn for progress.

The messages keeps crashing :/

Please can you provide me with your device details and 'steps to reproduce' please?

I will try my best to look into this.

I will try and aim to get group chats in v4.4. No promises, but will try my best.

Thanks for all your votes!


Pushed back due to timing constraints. Will hopefully come in a v4.4.x update

Can we please get them soon??

They are pretty much ALMOST done. The only thing at the moment that is preventing this is that it isn't assigning the correct avatars to the messages. Once I've found a way around this shall be ready!


SO excited for this group chat feature’ hoping to get it soon!

hey i have a great idea for this app... like when you are using the ig or twitter or any features you can add a notifications as like as if you got a notification while using it... my explanation is kinda blurry but i can send you a sample one... do you have a twitter or any other contacts??? Pls i really want to suggest this

I understand your point.

Feel free to tweet @ARSocialDummy or email socialdummy@arsupport.userecho.com.

Will they be out in the next update? I’m sooo excited

Not in v4.5. But I hope to bring this in a v4.5.x update.

Completed. Next Release

Completed. Coming in v4.5.

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