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App keeps crashing on instagram

Anonymous 9 months ago in Accounts / Instagram • updated by Ashley Richards 1 month ago 11

when I try to go in to the Instagram specific account, the app keeps crashing.


Please try using 'Maintenance'.

If still persists, let me know your account Id.

it’s still crashing, even when I try to go into maintance. My account id is YhvCHiaqm4UujtkmHs2maKdfRXo1

Live. Latest Update

Fixed. You can use Instagram again.

I have improved maintenance in next update.

it still seems to be crashing, it started to work then stopped 

Please try 'Rebuild Account' in v4.5.2.

it crashes when I try to go in to maitnence to get to rebuild account 

Fixed. Please relaunch the app.

my app won't let me post on Instagram. Every other account seems to work but Instagram. That's also the one I use the most.

Have you tried "Maintenance" and rebuilding the account?