Twitter Direct Messaging

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Make a Twitter DM!

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Likely coming in an early v5.x update.

Follow https://trello.com/c/e7XZ4GUj for progress

still no twitter dms function? also pls add mutiple pictures, and be able to add pictures to replies for twitter 🙏🏼

Hii, I wonder if there is any plans for the sending photos in messenges? I would really appreciate and so far this is my favorite app. I didn’t regret spending money on it but I hope there will be pictures avaible soon. Hope this will get notice, thank youu btw!

omg thank you! I look forward to it! Greet job as always 🙌🏻

Not yet no. I am only one person who at the moment don't have time to work on the app.

there’s a app on the App Store called fake instagram dm’s or something like that but they haven’t updated in a year. I know it’s not twitter or anything but it’ll help.

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