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Send Images in Messenges

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Can we please be able to send and receive photos in the iPhone text messenger


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I plan to add this in very soon.

There are a couple of issues at the moment: https://trello.com/c/yHw4Yi5F which is the main reason for the long delay or the fact I plan on changing the API taht is currently being used..

I really recommend this app and bunch of my schoolmates really likes it! I hipe you can update soon

Thank you! There are still some issue about this feature that I have yet to fix.

You will soon. Some minor UI changes and it will be ready.

The beta went well for it so the functionality is there.

i really like this app but i wish i could send/receive photos


Sending photos in Messages was available for limited time during the v4.5 beta but wasn't fully ready for public release. It should be coming very soon. Stay tuned for more.

Yes please, we need to send photos in Messages. I hope this update comes very very soon. Thank you so much. I really love the app


Yeah I hope to send pictures through Messenger. Anyways thanks for the great app!


Yes, please add sending pictures on imessage especially in the group chats please please please thank you i love this app


yessss, i can’t  wait for this new feature to come. i’ve told my friends about the app as well and they LOVE IT.

Appreciate it thank you! I plan to add this into the app soon.

Not to rush you or anything but how long will it be until this feature is released?

I'd like to try to get this released by December. But seems it might be Early 2019.

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At the moment I am not sure, it isn't complete yet. But is close.

This feature will be in v5.0. Follow @ARSocialDummy for latest news.