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As much it would be good, I will not add the feature to reorder library items. This is because posts assign per library index, so if you reordered a user on your timelines it would change the assigned user making it very confusing.

Hmm. Looks like something wrong with your internet. Try restarting the app with Wifi or 4G..

I plan to fix that in the next version. By default the post number does increase when you make more posts by that user. Just ensure that the Post Override in the User Library settings is disabled.

The only way to achieve this is to make the account again. In the next update, this will be made easier as you'll be able to duplicate a user in one tap.

No plans to add any Messenger games.

I don't know. Can you please elaborate on this?

This feature will be in v5.0. Follow @ARSocialDummy for latest news.

No progress has been made. All latest news is on ARSocialDummy on Twitter.

No plans to create Wikipedia pages as you can change all the content of any webpage with the Browser account.

i will take a look into this. Thank you.